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Holiday Programme Enrolment.

Please fill out the form below to enrol in our holiday programme.

Parent Details

Alternative Emergency Details

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Other persons authorised to pick up your child(ren)

Special instructions regarding collection and access to child(ren)

Parent / Caregiver

  • I have read and understand the registration/enrolment information and give permission for my child to attend and participate in the activities.
  • I understand that payments must be made before the start of the holiday programme and that I am responsible for all fees incurred for my children attending the After School Care Bryndwr Holiday programme, and will meet any shortfall from WINZ subsidies. I accept liability for any extra payments incurred as a result of late pick up of my child.
  • I give my permission for my child to be transported by bus.
  • I acknowledge that ASCB will take all reasonable care with my child(ren) and will not be held liable for injury, accident or loss of possessions.
  • I understand that there are risks associated with my child attending the holiday programme. To help minimise these risks, the programme has safety procedures, as well as, rules and boundaries for all children that must be complied with.
  • I give permission for my child to be given medical attention if required and will be responsible for any additional cost involved.
  • I will keep my child at home or in alternative care if unwell or recovering from illness.
  • Please provide lunch and a drink bottle. Morning/Afternoon tea will be provided.
  • Please ensure children bring appropriate clothing and footwear for workshops.
  • For the safety of your child(ren) we have a procedure of signing your child in and out of the programme, this is your responsibility when you drop off and collect your child. Staff must be notified in writing when you sign your child in if they are to leave with a friend. If no note is produced then your child will not be allowed to leave the programme unless collected by you.
  • Activities may change without notice if required.
  • If your child is sick please call ASCB before 9am on 352 2650 or 022 108 6839.
  • All information provided will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the purposes of maintaining effective contact with children’s parents, and managing emergencies or illness safely. No information will be shared with any third party except with the owner’s permission or as required by legislation. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure this information is correct, and to inform the ASCB Centre Manager of any change in contact or other details.
  • Payment by Internet Banking: 06-0821-0649608-00

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